Four cloakroom renovation renderings make space use handy

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality of life. Especially for women, there are a lot of household items, pants, hats, shoes, etc., which requires a cloakroom to sort these items, making the whole bedroom look beautiful and stylish. But nowadays young people like small units, and storage space is too small to become a big worry for fashionable women. So, how do you design a cloakroom that suits you? Let's take a look at the four cloakroom renovations.

Cloakroom decoration effect picture 1:

Cloakroom decoration renderings

Cloakroom decoration renderings

The sleeping area and the dressing room are defined by carved glass, and the faint beauty is reflected with the swaying light and shadow. With the new style of classical elegance and meticulous style as the main axis, and through the exquisite and beautiful family, the space is exquisitely presented, the classical gorgeous is removed from the complicated extra lines, and the modern design method is used to build the fashion. Romantic aesthetic feast.

Cloakroom decoration effect diagram 2:

Cloakroom renovation

Cloakroom decoration renderings

The dressing room after the short screen of the wood-baked white-cut flower makes the luxury of the whole space reach the extreme. The meticulous mirror and crystal chandeliers create a gorgeous court expression.

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