How to use paper to meet customer needs and save costs


The physical indicators of paper have a great influence on paper packaging products such as cartons and cartons. The appearance and quality of products produced by papers with different physical indicators are very different. In particular, some products with specific physical index requirements are very knowledgeable in the selection of materials, which requires both paper cost and physical indicators of the product to meet customer standards.

Reasonable paper physical indicators

In order for a paper packaging enterprise to qualify the physical indicators of the product, it is first necessary to ensure that the physical specifications of the paper are acceptable. For example, a three-layer corrugated box (counter box) requires a compressive strength of 180 kg/m2, a circumference of 1000 mm, and a height of up to 300 mm. If B-wavy base paper is used for the production, the basis weight of the corrugated base paper shall not be less than 140 g / m2, the height of the corrugated paper shall not be less than 2.9 mm, and the corrugating effect shall be very good; if the corrugated base paper is used for the production, the corrugated base paper The basis weight is not less than 130 g/m2, and the height is 3.7 to 3.8 mm. However, these data are obtained under the condition that the corrugated base paper has a high ring pressure index (8.0 N·m/g). If the corrugated base paper has a ring pressure index of less than 7.0 N·m/g, then the C 楞 corrugated base paper The basis weight cannot be lower than 150 g/m2.

Paper selection skills

The cost control of paper is not arbitrary, but has certain limitations. If the control is good, it can effectively control the input of other costs; controlling the paper in a reasonable way is one of the key factors controlling the cost of paper.

1. Meet customer requirements

The products produced by the paper packaging enterprises must first meet the requirements of the customers. This is the first element and the first premise. Otherwise, other aspects (such as minimizing costs and maximizing profits) cannot be realized.

2. Paper quality is moderate

The key to paper packaging enterprise paper is to minimize the paper cost under the premise of ensuring product quality, that is, the physical index of the paper used is just enough to ensure the quality of the product (ie, reaching a critical point), so that there is no product quality problem. And will not waste paper. Once the physical index of the paper is below this critical point, the overall cost of the product will not decrease, but will increase. This is because when the physical index of the paper is below the critical point, the lower the physical index of the paper, the lower the yield of the product, and the higher the overall cost of the product. The rising part of the cost is mainly caused by a series of losses caused by unqualified product quality, such as return, rework, redo, order loss and so on.

3. Large-scale operation for high-speed automation equipment

With the continuous improvement of the automation of paper packaging processing equipment and the increasingly fierce market competition, some large and medium-sized paper packaging enterprises have introduced high-speed automation equipment, and these equipments have strict requirements on the quality and grade of raw and auxiliary materials. Therefore, when selecting paper, it should be ensured that it is suitable for large-scale operation of high-speed automation equipment, so that the quality of semi-finished products in each process can be smoothly achieved, and the overall production efficiency of the product can also be achieved.

A certain amount of improvement is achieved. Once a process is not smooth, the overall production efficiency of the product will decrease, the product cost will rise, and the product profit will fall. This leverage principle is unchanged.

For paper packaging companies, the cost of the product should be calculated on the basis of the actual combined cost, rather than simply the price of a certain raw and auxiliary material. The price of a raw and auxiliary material is only one aspect of the cost of the product, and the sum of other related costs brought about by this cost is the real product cost. Paper cost is a good example. How to minimize product cost can never be achieved simply by lowering the paper price. I hope that through this article, I can help the industry to clear the way of thinking and find reasonable use.

The paper method, looking for a cost-saving road that suits you best.

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