3D printing holds a protective umbrella for kidney cancer surgery

In March, the physical examination was still healthy. When I checked again in September, I found that the kidney had a large tumor. Recently, Ms. Liu successfully underwent tumor resection in the First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province. Xiao Minhui, the surgeon in charge of the operation, said that the operation is complicated. If it is a general operation, it is likely to remove the entire left kidney. However, with the help of the 3D printed kidney model, only a small part is removed.

It is reported that the use of 3D printing guide to complete the renal tumor resection, is the first case in Yunnan Province.

The tumor is closely connected to the left kidney

Miss Liu's left kidney has a large tumor, about 10 cm long and about 3 cm wide. Because the tumor is closely connected to the kidney, the difficulty in surgery is how to accurately remove the tumor without removing the kidney from a large area. The surgical team must accurately determine the area of ​​the surgical resection and ensure that the important vessels are not severed while the tumor is being removed.

If a conventional resection method is used, it is likely that Ms. Liu’s left kidney will be removed. "This is definitely not going to work, because the kidneys can't continue to grow. If they are removed, they will not be there. Kidney cancer surgery should preserve kidney tissue to the greatest extent." Xiao Minhui said.

3D printed patient kidney model

Model allows doctors to visually recognize

How to maximize the retention of tumor residuals while maximally retaining kidney tissue? The urology medical team led by Xiao Minhui successfully printed the simulated three-dimensional model of this kidney cancer patient using 3D printing technology .

Xiao Minhui said that with the help of 3D printing technology, they developed and implemented the best resection plan, avoiding important blood vessels, and only removing the junction of the kidney and the tumor. Moreover, because the "below knife" is precise and ingenious, the left renal artery is accurately separated, and the tumor is removed, and the patient has little intraoperative bleeding. "On the second day after surgery, the patient has gotten out of bed."

3D printing technology is widely used in the medical field

The reporter was informed that 3D printing organs are widely used. Especially in the medical field, the application of this technology is in the ascendant. The medical profession regards 3D printing as a technological revolution, which realizes the transformation from "human brain three-dimensional image", "computer three-dimensional image" to "real three-dimensional anatomical object".

Xiao Minhui said that 3D printing technology will be used more and more in the future, and its medical application prospects are also widely optimistic. "For example, the 3D printed model is not only used for preoperative planning and indirect navigation of surgery, but also can be applied to preoperative discussions and training for young doctors, and it is convenient for patients and their families to understand the condition in detail and understand the operation risk correctly. Thereby forming a good doctor-patient communication."

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