Bus sports to train men's good body

A good figure doesn't have to be a lot of skin, it's the overall image. First of all, you can't hump your back. The hunchback will destroy the beauty of your body. At this time, you will have more abdominal muscles than a perfect body. Therefore, when taking the bus to and from work, pay attention to the posture, stand up your chest, tighten the lower abdomen, and the buttocks should also be clamped. If you do not tighten your lower abdomen, no matter how long the road is standing, it will not stimulate the muscles of your abdomen. In this position, there is no time and space limitation, and it is possible to exercise the whole body muscles on the way to and from work.

Bus sports to train men's good body

In addition to standing posture to pay attention to, walking to the bus station is also a good way, the pace of walking must also increase. Walking is the best way to lose weight, so when you walk to and from work, you should increase the stride. Stride forward and move forward so that you can move to your thigh muscles, make your legs more perfect, and avoid radish legs. And when you are walking, it is best to land the back heel first, do not put the entire sole of the foot flat, so after walking for a long time, the curve of your legs will naturally become very well-balanced.

Bus sports to train men's good body

When you are waiting for the bus, the briefcase you carry with you is your best exercise tool. The clenched bag brings back and forth movements, which can exercise the muscles of your arms. However, it should be noted that if your bag is too heavy, you should not be too large to avoid damage to your shoulder joints. At this time, not only does it not have the effect of exercise, but it may also hurt the people around you.

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