Demystifying how the body facials exfoliate?

Demystifying how the body facials exfoliate?
At present, many women understand the importance of exfoliation, and this aspect is also very important in daily life, but it must be targeted when exfoliating, and the method should be correct, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The exfoliating method, I hope to help everyone.
How does the face exfoliate? First of all, you need to understand your skin. If the skin type is dry or sensitive, it doesn't matter if you don't particularly exfoliate. If you want to do it, remember to choose a mild exfoliating product, which can be done once every 1-2 weeks.
As for oily skin, especially in summer, oil is easy to produce, and the rate of keratin will be faster than that of middle and dry people. It can be done about 1 or 2 times a week. If you are a combination of skin, the oily T and chin parts can be treated as oily skin, and the dry cheeks are compared to dry skin.
In terms of maintenance steps, facial exfoliation should be done when the face is cleaned and the face is still moist. The exfoliating force must be gentle, and slowly slide in a small circle, about 7 to 10 in an area. After finishing the horny, rinse with clean water and then carry out maintenance work.
The maintenance work that must be done after the face has finished the horny, including moisturizing and sunscreen (if you want to go out), if it is sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a skin care product (such as hot spring water) to help soothe before moisturizing. In addition, the products and methods used in the exfoliation of the neck should be consistent with the facial skin.
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Although the body skin has more thick parts, it does not have to be particularly heavy in the strength, or it is based on the principle of being as gentle as possible. Many people think that the skin on the body is thicker. When they exfoliate, they are afraid of being unclean. Excessive force causes redness and peeling. It is also misunderstood that it is completely wrong. It is actually a misconception.
The body area is large, how to carry out exfoliating work? You can first classify the thick parts of the elbows, knees and soles into one type, and use the dry method, that is, when the body has not touched the water, go gently. Keratin, because the exfoliating cream used in the body usually contains frosted particles, these particles will dissolve when they are in contact with water, so the effect of exfoliating during dry application is better, and it is suitable for rough parts. Other parts are wetted with water and then exfoliated by wet application.

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