Why is the Yashilin box type rain test box so expensive?

Compared with other test box manufacturers, it is true that the price of Beijing Yashilin box type rain test chamber may be slightly higher than other companies. So, what factors have contributed to the price of the Yashilin box-type shower box?

Market positioning difference

Beijing Yashilin is a well-known manufacturer of environmental testing equipment. It is mainly located in the middle and high-end customer base, and is committed to providing the best quality products and services for well-known universities, quality inspection scientific research units and national defense military enterprises.

Product configuration is the main influencing factor

The main influencing factors of the price of the box type rain test chamber are non-product configuration. The control system is so small that the sprinkler pipe is not a well-known brand at home and abroad. The box type rain test box belongs to high-end consumption, and the price is naturally not low. The final price is determined by the product configuration. Like the market, there are a lot of low-cost rain test boxes. In order to save costs, we use relatively low-cost parts or refurbished products. If such products are bought back, it will take a few days to fail. When purchasing a test box, in addition to considering the price factor, it is necessary to consider the later product maintenance costs.

Service is an indispensable factor

At present, in addition to the well-known after-sales service system in the market, some merchants also use the “famous brand” gimmick to attract customers, but compared with other manufacturers, the sales price of this unknown business. Not half of the brand manufacturers. "There is no comparison in terms of price. On the one hand, the cost of their accessories is cheap, and on the other hand, there will be no more considerations in after-sales service," an industry insider said.

From this point of view, market positioning, product configuration, and after-sales service are the three main factors affecting the price of box-type rain test chambers. Consumers need to have a clear understanding of these aspects when purchasing a box-type rain test box. Do not fall into the "pit".


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