Specifications and classification of thermal cash register paper

In daily life, the cash register paper is no longer strange, and the shopping receipt becomes the evidence for the consumer to return the goods and repair the goods. Novices will be in trouble during the purchase process and do not know which type of thermal cash register paper to choose. Next, Shanghai Chenguang Kelipu will introduce you to the specifications and classification of thermal cash register paper.

Thermal paper is also known as thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper, and thermal fax paper. In Taiwan, it is called thermal copy paper. Thermal paper is a kind of processed paper, which is manufactured by coating a layer of "heat-sensitive paint" (thermographic color-changing layer) on high-quality base paper. The general cash register paper is made of a thermal paper material suitable for the internal needle-printing parts of the cash register. Do you know the specifications and classification of thermal cash register paper? Let's first look at the four categories of cash register paper:

1. Double-adhesive paper: The cash register paper produced by ordinary double-adhesive paper processing, all of which are single-layered, without any coating on the paper surface, and printed with the word cash register paper on the ribbon.

2, thermal paper: the use of thermal paper processing production of cash register paper, all of which is a single layer, coated with a thermosensitive chemical coating on the paper, the paper is printed with a laser thermal head to display the color of the cash register paper,

It features no printing consumables, no ribbons, ribbons or ink cartridges;

Moreover, the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, and there is a clear imprint when it is scratched on the paper with nails or hard objects.

3, carbon-free paper: This cash register paper is composed of at least two layers or more, of which the first joint needs to use the dot matrix printer to print the color, but the latter several are connected to the dot matrix printer to print the pressure color.

4. Self-inductive paper: This kind of cash-collecting paper consists of one or more layers. It is printed by pressure on the dot printer, and the printing paper does not need to be installed with ribbon.

The first joint of the cash register paper is self-inductive paper, and the latter one is ordinary carbonless paper. Common cash register papers are mainly thermal paper, ordinary double-adhesive paper and carbonless paper:

Specifications and characteristics of thermal cash register paper:

The surface of the heat-sensitive coating is uniform, smooth and bright in color; the cut surface is flat, the paper powder is not available, and the package is tight.

Stable product quality, good performance, clear printing, high quantity accuracy, long print retention time, thermal cash register paper for back printing, normal or carbonless cash register paper for back/front printing, can be customized according to customer needs, The product is suitable for all kinds of shopping plazas, department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, specialty stores and so on.

The specifications of the thermal cash register paper are commonly used: 57x50 type, 57x60 type, 57x80 type, 75x50 type, 75x60 type, 75x80 type, 80x50 type, 80x60 type, 80x80 type, and the like.

The above is the introduction of the specifications and classification of thermal cash register paper. You can go to Shanghai Chenguang Klippu official mall to understand and purchase thermal cash register paper.


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